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Imperial battlecruiser Shavoe

Darth Kyara walked out of her transport followed by three handmaidens who also served as bodyguards. These had been assigned to her during her time on the Sith Academy, she had hand picked and trained all three. She looked over to the three of them as they were finally escorted to the Captain's quarters. She waved a hand and all of them nodded. They stood outside side by side, as if guarding the entrance. She saw the commander sitting at his desk with a bounty hunter sitting in one of the chairs opposite him.

"I hope you are not deliberately wasting my time Commander", Kyara said, not waiting for him to offer her a seat, she sat on the chair next to the bounty hunter, but she did not address him, only the commander.

Coruscant. Briefing Room

The door to the room opened. A woman with a mask covering her eyes only entered and bowed to the commander and the other man present in the room.
“I apologise for my tardiness, the transports from Tython were taking long”, she then paused to examine through the force, the presence of both men present. “I am Lai S’Dalan, Knight of the Jedi Order”.

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