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Edit: Forgot to mention, MsFicwriter has ordained me as the controller of the Purge Leader - Per my request and her permission - this is his Character Sheet....Yay! So no freaking out, 'kay!

  • Purge pseudonym: Poteryannyĭ ~ Lost
  • Ancient name: Tökemik ~ Strong Bone
  • Old Elven name: Rîfrhaw ~ Barkflesh
  • Dragon name: Rok Wo'Naak Dov ~ He Who Eats Dragon(s)
AGE: Unknown
  • Archetype(s): Warrior/Elementalist/Mage
  • Subset: Arcane Warrior
PROFESSION: Leader/General
APPEARANCE: "Face": Linkism
WEAPONS: Hull Scythe; Ancient Longsword; Magic
ARMOR: Attire: Linkism
STRENGTHS: Amazingly strong, with endurance and durability belying his appearance, as well as being surprisingly agile and dextrous. Unknown ages of fighting has given him the mind of a tactical and strategic genius. Ruthless!
WEAKNESSES: What weakness? (Edit: ...My mistake - PRIMARY - Antagonists gotta be tough.....Word....)

BACKSTORY: - Bio will come, for now, enjoy the mystery and awe of this terror that we now face!

Poteryannyĭ, a name formed from the dialect of the race of Man's term for the Great Wyrm. The 'Paragon' of the Purge, it's sole leader, and ultimate founder, 'HE' is very well the most unfathomable, and most feared, being the races of Sazhen have come to know, though by rights, few actually know who, or even what he is.

None but the oldest of the old beings of the world know him for what he is, and truly there are few of those left; he is not Elven, nor is he of the Elder races, and is most certainly not of the race of Man, no, he is far older than the race of Man. His existence is known in many forms, from songs and poems, to fables and lore, for many deeds of many of the great heroes of myth and legend are tied to his adventures, one might say they are the telling of his very own life. Don't believe? You don't have to if you don't want, but it doesn't stop it from being true.

The fable of Rîfrhaw, the Barkflesh, great Elven lord and hero, the slayer of the Umbracolossi who'd marched out of the very sea from the unknown dark lands on the other side of the world.

The poem of Nalahjrl, said to be the great ice giant of the far north, come down to the lesser frozen lands of the Northmen before they had ever existed, his breath freezing from his power and own great frigid body; said to be the reason for the Northmen's very existence.

From the sculpted tales on the stone walls of the Dwarves of the great paladin-builder Brúnmaðr, the olden hunting songs of Adwar of the distant Catfolk of the south, Galvei'Nus of the Gnomes, and even merry ballads of Duppel the Brewer of the Halflings are tied in with Poteryannyĭ, some more directly than others, but all of them leading back through time to him, though none truly know. And to not exclude one of the rarest, and most obscure of these, though probably the most important - the ancient Edda of Tökemik, Strong Bone, the first to have ever slain a Dragon! Not even the oldest, most well versed of the Skulds and Bards know every part of the Edda, nor verbatim, for so long has this vague tale existed, that parts have been taken out, or added, exaggerated, or deposed; it's true verses warped by time, and the telling. It has been written more than one can know, the differing versions more numerous then the various races of Sazhen. Only in scattered places - in dark keeps, the holds of Elves, catacombs of the oldest Dwarven halls, and ancient guarded huts tucked away in the darkest of lands are scraps of the most original version and verses of the Edda found, and not even the recording of these ancient truths would fill the holes in what is left in the known truths of the great verse. All that is known from who has both told and heard the Edda in what only the truest of Skuld and Bard scholars have gathered of the verse, is a general knowledge of the most basic truths of the tale:

"In the first reign of the Third of creation (creation being the Ultimate) - the Elves - the Dragons, doppelchildren of the Second of creation, began discovering their power for the use of magic. (At this point many fanciful romantic verses are placed in, believed to be additions, and not truths to the Edda; latter parts are also emeritus). After that point, it takes off a few millennia later stating Dragons have spread, and for the most part peaceful, many have discovered vices, and taken hold to them, that being greed, envy, and in no small part wrath. (This is where many believe the true beginning of the Edda takes part). Many fledgling races are in existence, a village of one of them at the foot of a great range of mountains, here, they are set upon by a Dragon. Only one survives from the village, this being Tökemik. (At this point much of how Tökemik acts, reacts, and feels has been altered and re-altered so much by different tellings, that the truth of the matter is lost). At this point Tökemik has climbed the great mountains in search of the Dragon, finding it's lair; (Here the verses are again altered to a point of unknown, all that is known as truth, is that in the end, Tökemik has slain the beast, and leaves the mountains several weeks later, making him the first to kill a Dragon. By this point the Edda carries further into the telling, making out the apparent life of Tökemik coming down to his very death at the bite of a venomous snake - this point deduced as truth as it has remained unaltered for centuries)."

Though the generalized telling is a poor rendition compared to any fancied-up Bard's telling, it tells the most basic, and truest story of Poteryannyĭ. Many among the followers of the Purge idolize the hero of the Edda in all it's versions, though only distantly so, none knowing that Poteryannyĭ is Tökemik, the first to ever kill a Dragon. No being on Sazhen would believe he was anyway, save maybe one.

Why he has taken on this quest to 'Purge' the world is completely unknown even through all the tellings of his existence. But one thing is known, Poteryannyĭ will not stop, even if his very army of fanatics were slain around him, and he were the last, he would not stop, and none would be able to....Save maybe one.

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."'s verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)

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