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Emi glanced at Tael and for a moment looked away making sure they could only see the part of her face without scarring. It was the first time in her life that people seemed worried about her rather than disgusted or afraid of her as if they were going to contract a disease from just being near her. Her mouth curled into a small smile.

"I-It's ok... I'm f-fine now", she said to reassure Tael. She stopped there, not really wanting to explain why it happened that she just absorbed the spy's soul and since it didn't seem like anyone was going to ask anything about it yet, she was glad. Everyone was more worried about getting out of the place.

Emi was more worried about the tavern keeper, having a body bleeding out on her business would raise questions and implicate her directly. She was a nice woman, and she didn't deserve the unnecessary attention that the Purge would give her in their investigation.

"U-Umm... the body... we should... take it away", she said in a slightly higher volume so the people involved would hear.

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