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Clone Wars: Animated Cartoon Opinions

I would just like to know the general opinion of this show. Personally, I think it's amazing, simply. To be honest, it's made me give as much recognition to clones as I did to Jedi, I love their portrayal of the clones as more than just bred copies who simply follow order after order. I think the action is amazing, as well, the battles are great, and the latest season has just showed how far it's gone.

In my eyes, it keeps getting better. I got the chills when I watched the episodes with General Krell, and, not being a big T.V watcher, I can genuinely say that it's pretty damn nice if I trip over my own feet to get to the next episode. I think it keeps Star Wars alive, keeps a nice (sometimes odd or out of place, perhaps) storyline, and gets better with every season.

So, what are your thoughts?

P.S - I am speaking of the new cartoon, obviously.

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