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Imperial battlecruiser Shavoel

A small fighter ship had just docked in the Shavoel’s hangar bay just moments ago. Darth Velox soon stepped out of the ship, and started walking towards the Captain’s quarters. Despite being only of average height, and a slightly muscular build, Velox still had an intimidating look about him. He wore a set of light armor colored silver and a dusty red, with black robes. He wore a hooded black cloak over this that was more for show than anything. Under the hood was a mask that followed the same color pattern as his armor.

Velox had an interesting stride about him. He wanted to get to the captain’s quarters, but he also wanted to be noticed. He wanted the crew aboard this ship to look at him in both fear and awe. They should too, after-all he was a sith warrior. These common crew members should be honored to have someone like him on this ship. He actually contemplated activating his lightsaber, just to show off that he had one. He decided against it, wanting to hear exactly what this captain had to say.

He was certain he had arrived at his designated location upon seeing three figures standing outside. He figured they were the captain’s bodyguards and nothing more. A smirk found its way to his face as he walked inside, ready to impress whoever was in the room with his presence. He saw the captain sitting his chair, and across from him a bounty hunter. He then looked to see a woman in black clothing…sith. He pouted for a few seconds until he got a better look at this woman.

Velox stared at the woman in complete disbelief. The last time he had seen her was right before she left for Coruscant. It could always be someone else…no. It couldn’t be someone else, it was her. She looked almost like she had back then, just older now. He couldn’t believe this was actually Kyara, after all of these years. He could say something to her…no, he wasn’t here to talk to her. Besides he’d look unprofessional if he did that, and that was a big no no for him. She probably wouldn’t have anything to say to him anyway.

“Well I’m here now, this little meeting can officially get started now,” Velox said in his usual cocky tone.

He took a single step, deciding where he should sit. He could sit next to her, the more preferred seat in his head…or he could sit next to the bounty hunter he didn’t know at all. He took another step towards the bounty hunter, not making eye contact with Kyara. What if she noticed he was trying to ignore her though? Then another question popped into his head, and then another…and then another. Velox snorted and took a seat next to Kyara, not bothering to let the captain offer him a seat just as Kyara did before despite him not knowing that. He simply looked over to Kyara and nodded his head at her, trying to act completely cool about everything.
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