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Onyx whistled quietly to himself as he waited for the sergeant to give the word that they were leaving. He soon felt someone sitting next to him and turned when that person placed a hand on his arm. He looked to see the Shade and was going to say something when the Shade suddenly gripped his arm. The Shade was breathing heavy as if he was panicking for some reason. Onyx stared at the Shade in silence, looking calm on the outside...

Oh no, oh no! Is he dying? What's going on!?!?

Much more panicking thoughts followed this one until the heavy breathing stopped. The Shade seemed to be alright, which was a good thing. Onyx was still a little shocked over everything that had just happened, but soon his breathing returned to normal as well. He sat with the Shade in silence for a few moments, taking in what had just happened.

"So...are you all set for the mission sir?" Onyx asked, making an attempt at some small talk.
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