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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
That can be applied to RLM's "review". He completely misses the point of the movie, and spends the whole time criticizing aspects of the movie that he chose to ignore. But I'm proably "missing the point" as so many people say. They use it as a basis for their critcism when it's conveninent, and when rebutted, they say that the point was to be only a joke...
No it can't. RLM is primarily based on judging the movies completely on their own merits. Emptying one's mind, pretending they know nothing about this franchise, objectively judging only what is on the screen. The "rebuttal" is a 108 page bitchfest, within which the author mostly complains about how RLM decided to present their opinions, including the length (Oh the irony). Even if this 108 pages of crap did make some interesting points the author still failed to be entertaining in the least, RLM has him beaten there too. Jorge's complete ineptitude as a filmmaker was just demonstrated yet again, after he decided to spend two years re-cutting a more competent director's work into a complete mess.
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