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Kyara almost couldn't believe her eyes. Velox had entered the room. The last time she had seen him, she had gone to Coruscant to invade the Jedi Temple. He did not seem to make eye contact with her nor did he seem like he was ignoring her, but his expression was hard to read. Had he noticed it was her or not? If he did, why didn't he say anything yet... a nod... that's it? After all this time?

She did not return his nod, she simply looked back at the commander, positively annoyed. She was a sith, a warrior, but also a woman. A woman who in a way had managed to build during her early years, a relationship with the man next to her, a friendship or... something. And yet, after so much time, a nod. That's all. Not even a formal greeting or a simple joke of challenge like in the old days.

Well whatever...

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