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Velox didn't say anything when she didn't return his nod. Why didn't she say anything though? Had she forgotten about him and simply thought he was some other sith warrior? The fact that she didn't do anything bothered him quite a bit. He tried to look back at the captain, but his gaze went back to Kyara. He let out a small sigh and looked to the captain.

Velox tried to mentally tell himself to pay attention to whatever the captain would say, but it was a difficult battle. He couldn't just turn to Kyara and say something to her, he'd look like he had no interest in this matter what so ever. At this point he had to do something though. Something that told him this was the same Kyara, and she hadn't forgotten him.

A small idea popped into his head. Perhaps he'd just have to remind her that he simply couldn't be forgotten. He slowly moved his foot towards hers and tapped it. Velox took his foot away only to playfully do it a second time. He was sure the captain couldn't see, so he wouldn't come off as rude. At the same time he could be a little more playful. Again he nudged her foot, and waited to see what reaction he would get.
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