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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by DeathScepter View Post
well the only reason that Revan is even involved with TOR that he is famous. and thus Bioware is milking for all he is worth. As for Jedi Exile, they need to tie her in with Revan for TOR.
BioWare created Revan, I see it more as paying homage to their own creation. I don't really see how they are milking anything out of Revan with The Old Republic. Someone is really going to pay 60 dollars and then another 15 dollars a month, not to mention the amount of time invested in playing the game just for a glimpse at the “great and powerful” Revan.

If they really wanted to “milk” Revan they would have set the MMO timeline closer to Revan’s time. I finished the class storyline for the smuggler in TOR yesterday. Revan and his/her companions were mentioned a few times in it, there were some references to certain quest in KotOR and even vague references to TSL. However, it was nothing overwhelming or anything that promoted KotOR over TOR and certainly nothing that would sale TOR by exploiting its KotOR tie-ins. Revan’s story ended with KotOR and the Exile’s story ended with TSL, TOR is other characters' stories.
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