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There's a tendency (the most recent example being Google+ integration into Google searches) that emphasizes social networking as prominent in results you might search. Of course if you have a great deal of different minded people as your friends on G+, this shouldn't pose a problem. But if you do-- then you will never be exposed to alternative viewpoints... or at least, it will becomes something you have to do, rather than something that happens whenever you search for something.

So it may be that, in the age of complete internet freedom, you may actually be exposed to fewer alternative viewpoints than when your freedom restricted by you geographical locale merely because you are more likely to click on something that conforms to the things that you've previously clicked. While I'm pleased that search is becoming more USEFUL, it is likely to be at the detriment of other factors.

In this case it seems like it would contribute to a "digital apocalypse", since people would have insufficient answers to questions they might have, and no real way to resolve them.
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