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Originally Posted by Prime View Post
Alright, based on your info I figured out I could change the aspect ratio on my monitor to 4:3, so old games are good and scaled to the height of the monitor.
This is exactly what I do with my monitor for older games that can't be hacked to widescreen. I do use widescreen mods whenever I can, though. You'd be amazed by how many there are, and most look awesome. I recommend that you use them whenever possible.
Originally Posted by Prime
I also played around a bit more with the Nvidia control panel, and it doesn't seem to let me select one of the PC options. When I do so it automatically switches to an equivalent resolution under HD, SD. As a result it still does not provide the option under Adjust desktop size and position to chnage the aspect ratio there. It appears it needs to be a "PC" resolution for that.

Do you know why it is so determined to be an HDTV?

Not that it really matters, just wondering. It has been so long since I bought a monitor, I'm used to everything being done through the video card/windows settings.
Because your monitor is 1920x1080, which is an HDTV resolution. It's weird that the PC resolutions that your monitor could accommodate aren't available, though.
Originally Posted by Prime
Thanks for the help once again, Q.
You're welcome.

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