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Very nice hardware.
You need to make a brag post in your thread in the tech forum to showcase what you ended up getting.
Originally Posted by Prime View Post
OK, here we go. It is protesting my video card. Here is my config (this is Windows 7 64bit):
Yeah, that's normal. These games are old and don't properly recognize new hardware, drivers and any version of Windows newer than XP.

First off:
This tells me that the game hasn't been patched, or that the patch did not apply correctly. It should be:

Anti Aliasing=8
This should be set to 4. I know that your card is more than capable of 8x AA, but the game will run more smoothly and will actually look better with 4x AA.

I have no idea about the soft shadows thing, but it might be tied to the AA issue above, so I would try turning them on after setting AA to 4. I would turn V-Sync on as well.

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