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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
Endurance is a waste for Marauders. They can't spec into any sort of tank (only Juggs have the appropriate tree), so you'd be better off replacing all your gear with proper Strength-dominant stuff. Otherwise you'll just be gimping yourself. I can make you a set of replacement mods for all your slotted gear.
That's what I thought at first too, but so far it's working out fantastic. I chose endurance over strength (only slightly over) because my attacks as-is always steals aggro from the tanks I've grouped with (maybe they were all just bad.. hehehe). Without the extra hp to deal with them, I would've easily ate it.

Should probably clarify that I'm only using minor end-over-str items. The Guardian/Patron mods tend to switch the values respectively only by a point or two.. Once I land an orange slot armor, I will switch my weapon mods over to high strength.. but I gotta say, so far Shelkylya is absolutely brutal.

I'll see how her build goes at least till the end of the 2nd planet to see If I start noticing a degradation towards the tougher enemies (usually save heroics for last). Should give me enough time to respec if I start feeling some hurt. Hoarding my commendations so I should be able to pimp out gear before leaving planet

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