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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
Yeah I wouldn't be judging too much based on what you are seeing on Dromund Kaas. Long term that strategy isn't going to stay effective.
True enough. Glad I'm saving my commendations.. hehehe
I'll wind up spending them on misc mods for my gear. Already spent some gearing up Vette since I won't deviate her Cunning/Endurance. But I've luckily had some sweet luck with Shel as I pulled an orange saber from the Black Talon flashpoint, and another orange loot drop for one of the miscellaneous Kaas quest. Both of which are comparable (after mods) than the orange slot "special goods" seller. Same with my armor.. though I did fork over the credits for the gloves from the seller.

As far as respecing goes, what are you planning on respecing to? All three Marauder trees are DPS, just slightly different flavours. The main choice is really a PVE vs PVP build.
Probably not so much as respeccing as re-gearing (back to Strength). I've stayed faithful so far to Carnage and it's been absolutely devastating even as far as Elites/Champions go.

Next tick will be the second rank in Defensive Forms as it builds my Fury quickly and adds my Forms bonuses as opposed to Erupting Fury (which I'll add the next 2 levels after that.. hehe). Once I hit Berserk, game's over for anything in front of me (or in force jump range). Juyo form is a beast.

But I'm always open for suggestions if anyone has tried this path and finds out it sucks NOT interested in PVP at all.

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