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Moved all of the posts above from a different thread...

With Silvana... it's more along the lines of "kill everything before it kills you"... Basically she's 100% offence, 0% defence...


This build is obviously based on Ataru form and as you've probably noticed it's all about how quickly you can dish out the damage to the enemy and how many of them land criticals. Strength over endurance is key, even if you find a piece of armour or a mod that gives you +1 strength and -5 endurance, I take it.

The key secondary stats are critical rate, surge rate, accuracy and then power in that order. These are key because you're going to be doing a lot of moves one after the other and you need them to critical, accuracy also helps to deal with enemies that are higher level than you are.

The companion to use for this build, I've found, is Vette. You're a suped up Melee DPS, she's a suped up Ranged DPS... so yes, kill or be killed is the key. Select a mob, figure out which one of them is the strongest and get Vette to attack that unit. Then you force charge in and take out all of the weaker ones which takes a matter of seconds. Then you turn your attention to the big one and you do everything you can to stall it so that Vette can get as much DPS in as possible because she's probably going to die.

Of course if she does, no problem, you've already taken down the mob and all you have to do is retreat back a little so no patrols come by, dismiss Vette and then recall her and she'll come back with full health in an instant. Then you channel hatred back to full health, rinse and repeat on another mob.

I know how it sounds, it's brutal, it's dangerous, it's a huge risk because you have no one to heal you and it literally is kill or be killed. But I will tell you now that this method has proven super effective for me. I've taken down mobs that have been 3-4 levels above me throughout most of the game.

In fact, this build has been so successful that I started to get overconfident with it and by the latter part of the game I was way TOO underleveled for the missions I was taking on. Everything was red which meant that no matter how much you'd attack that enemy, they'd dodge or resist the attack... it was terrible because all of my missions were either red or grey because I had skipped a couple of bonus series early in the game.

I had to continue the game with DP just so I could progress in the game, otherwise it would've taken me way too much grinding to level up to where I should have been.

So yeah. This build is extremely effective, but it's so effective that you can end up biting off more than you can chew since you become overconfident when you start killing mobs which are levels above you.

Basically it's the Darth Maul build. 100% aggression... kill everything.

EDIT: With that build, just make sure you don't do what I did and get overconfident and was enjoying the class story so much that I wanted to see more as much as I could. Pace yourself and I'm sure people would be able to take it all the way to level 50 without a shred of help. Hell, I was able to finish a few heroic 2's with this build.

And this all comes from a guy who plays 100% defensive Trooper Vanguard on the Republic side.

With your build, I suggest you use Quinn as your companion when you get him since he's a healer. If my crazy build can work, perhaps yours can too. |

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