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Thanks Lynk.. some nice stuff to look over!
Yeah.. I'm really digging Shel's build right now.. and gimpy as she might become, I'm still tempted to see how far I can get with it. This was my prospective build, sticking to Juyo as opposed to switching to Ataru (though may need to switch entirely over to Annihilation tree for Juyo to maximize).

Main factor would be if bleeding effects stack. If they do.. might have to respec to Annihilation to take full advantage. Otherwise, my mungled tree takes advantage of the moves I use most and makes for smooth clicking succession (since melee combat is much more hectic than ranged imo).
The extra endurance helps me stand ground while they bleed, I maintain aggro and keep Vette safe and DPS'ing at a distance. The capper is having to balance between bleed and attaining fury quicker to unleash Berserk.

Again, could be a total botch build and gimped beyond words though
Having to take that one tier of Ataru kinda wastes some points.. but I needed to for top tier.

I want to test the build with a healer to see if she really can off-tank (not expecting to replace a tank, but my DPS steals aggro like no ones business).
May have to test with the "faux" healer ship droid once I get it before I can make a final decision as to respec or not.

I like experimental builds, usually to my guild's moans (in DDO).. but they all ate crow when my mix mage/cleric "gimp" build wound up topping their Min/Max builds. Of course they where totally right about my Ranger/Mage build.. definitely had to admit gimp on that one

*- the more I'm reading on the Annihilate tree.. the more I'm thinking of switching over. Looks like it might suit the build better. Hmmmm

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