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Got (Crew) Skills? Who Haz them?

So.. with my gunslinger, I went with Cybertech/Underworld Trading/Scavenging. Pretty much a common combination and beneficial to my class.

However, as I often like to take odd twists and turns, for my Marauder I went with the non-conventional (as in the sense that it provides no crafting skill worth a flip) Slicing/Treasure Hunting/Underworld Trading.

My thought was "to gather as much money and phat loots" to afford higher end gear from the planet's specialty good vendors. And since Vette has a higher crit chance on the gathering skill, maybe I'll make even more bank.

Well, this so far has failed miserably Lockbox returns don't cover the cost of the missions. The "crit loot" was often just as worthless as the main payoff. And I have no crafting ability. Only 'good' thing is slicing's augment missions.

Anyone else had better luck with the combo? Does it (combo above) get better?.. or do you have your own horror stories.. or better yet, run in to a super awesome combo? (conventional or non-conventional)

Curious to see who around here is toying around with skills.. or just taken the defacto safe (yet highly effective) route. Thinking I should just re-train to biochem or synthweaving. Something effective for the class

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