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It was pitch black. Varik could see absolutely nothing; he couldn't even see his hands, which were right in front of him. A low, gray mist formed beneath his feet, which made slight illumination of the dark expanse. He heard voices, indecipherable, barely audible whispers. He took a few steps forward, and the voices grew louder. He took a few more steps, and he heard the voices, but the words were slurred. He continued walking, until the voices grew loud, enough to hear the words. Their voices echoed across the "walls".

"Do you truly think that this is vindication? This is revenge. It's merely another word with the same meaning."

"Your family abandoned you. They left you to be kidnapped by the Jedi. And when your family needed you most, the Jedi kept you on Coruscant, while your parents choked on their poisoned wine."

"Jedi, Sith, you don't get it, do you? The galaxy isn't black and white with shades of gray. It's just black throughout. Open your eyes, the Jedi and Sith are the same thing, only with different slogans."

"Do you truly believe that you're free, child? Your soul shall never be truly free from my spirit's imprint. You may have won the duel, but you have lost your sanity - and your humanity."

He then heard more voices, each one becoming less and less familiar. All the voices began to converge, growing louder as the words became incoherent. He couldn't understand what he was, and he clutched his head in his hands as his ears were ringing from pain. He then screamed, a loud, deafening scream.


Varik woke up in a fright. He was profusely sweating, and his bed sheets were soaked in sweat. His ears were still ringing, as he realized that he had the same nightmare again. He got out of the bed and walked into the bathroom of his apartment. He decided to take a refreshing shower, relaxing as cool water droplets were rushing towards him.

He got out of the shower 15 minutes later. He dried himself with a towel, and used the Force to rid his thin hair of all the water that still clenched to it. Once he was sufficiently dried off, he checked his holofeed. He was surprised to find out that he was requested to attend a Republic debriefing. The last time he was in the company of Republic soldiers, he attended a Republic Marine Academy in order to get a sense of how Republic Marines trained - and also for an improved hand-to-hand fighting technique. After severing ties with the Brotherhood of Swordmasters, he rarely participated with the Republic anymore. Guess now is a time for change., he thought to himself.

He walked into his wardrobe to grab his underclothes. He then grabbed his red and orange robe, the colors symbolizing the Jedi Crusaders that followed Revan into the Mandalorian Wars 300 years ago. It was a reminder of what all Jedi should fight for. He put it on and grabbed his two lightsabers, placing them onto his belt.

He walked outside of his apartment, and down the hustling bustling streets of Coruscant. After walking into his garage, he grabbed his speeder to drive to the Republic Briefing Office. After the normal heavy traffic, he landed just outside the doors. He walked inside and into the elevator, and reached the top floor. He walked into the office, and sat next to a woman who appeared to be a Jedi Knight.

"Varik Athzaria, Jedi Knight, and former swordsman of the Brotherhood of Swordmasters.", he said, in a mild voice.

The funniest thing about this sentence is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's too late to stop reading it.

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