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The problem with companion healers, especially early on, is they are not really proper healers. Generally speaking, they won't heal you fast enough that you can just stand around forever waiting for mobs to keel over from DOTs. IMO, that sort of strategy is really only useful for mid- to end-game group play in Flashpoints/Operations where you are taking on boss mobs. In that scenario, you are in for a long fight so DOTs start to come into their own, plus you have proper healers and tanks to (hopefully) free you up to focus on your job. In solo levelling PVE, you should be focused first and foremost on maximising base damage and enhancing criticals, much as Lynk has done. In that scenario, a healer companion should be fine, as long as you don't go crazy and take on content 5 levels above you. 90% of what you will be fighting is Weak and Normal trash mobs with some Strongs thrown in. You want to burn through them as fast as possible, not giving them time to stack up the damage on you. Especially as a melee DPS, lacking any real AOE abilities to deal with groups simultaneously (the major benefit of Trooper/BHs).
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