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Huge Modeling Request

I know this will be getting a lot of support/interest from the community here, most if not all of them perverts in some way, , while it will be a modeling nightmare for the modders. I have played both KOTOR and TSL a lot on both the xbox and the PC, but I am tired of the females being flat-board style. I have a mod that makes Bastila's boobs bigger , but I am wondering if someone, or a group of people, would make a mod that would make all of the females in KOTOR and/or TSL have much bigger boobs. Pleeeaaassee! In particular, Bastila, Mission, Yuthera, Handmaiden, and Mira. And possibly the female PC models?

I'm thinking C or F cups.

Yes, I am a pervert! But with Mira and Bastila, can you really blame me? Hehehe, I didn't think so.

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