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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
You should do well with the Juyo form and it might be an idea to take some of my tactics into consideration when using it as well by stalling the mobs as much as possible so they can't land too many attacks in on you and your companion so that they can bleed out enough hp at the same time.
Definitely. One thing I noticed about Annihilate is that it really ramps Force Charge (lower cooldown and better activate range). Was thinking I may drop Cloak of Carnage and go for Stagger for the additional second of stun.

I use FC quite a bit, one of my favorite moves and it helps immobilize.. even better

With the combo of Force Charge's stun, Crippling Slash and Force Choke.. I think I may be able to slow down an enemy's charge towards Vette (or other) until I can finish them off or regain aggro.

One thing I do wonder though is if lightsabers do bleed damage (don't see how that works). Might need to start looking for some blades if that's the case.. hmmmm

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