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Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
Hmmm, I misread the connotations of 'huge' when I read the thread title. It actually wouldn't be that hard to do, but making it look good is another story...
When I saw the email in my inbox, I thought I was going to be shot down. It started out as "Dear Fair Strides 2, Varsity..."

Well, in truth, VP, I had thought of your Bastila Improvement Mod(which is the one I referred to int the first post) when I got this idea. I have Kristy Kristic's Bastila Unchained mod installed and modified the appearance.2da to make it work with my PC, P_FEM_MED_03 I think, and it added Bastila's boobs to my PC.

Then, I looked at the other females and tried to modify their appearance.2da lines to wear the Bastila unchained suits, but I got the basic armor crap. Renaming the model files didn't look pretty at all.

I have no experience with modeling and I'm at a disadvantage there. I want to do this. Though, now I'm thinking of matching it up to the Halo games better, and make the Energy Sword a lightsaber. Not sure how to do that...

P.S: Also, how did you interpret 'Huge' in the title, VP?
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