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Got ninja looted 3 times last night for lockbox resource while I was fighting off the baddies just to have some other %$@# scan it while I was busy. RAGE.

Hate that crap.

Needless to say.. I now have BioChem and it's 2 associated gathering/mission skills
I have already made more money just selling off the fodder stims that I didn't RE to better version schematics.

I had Blue versions of the compact stim and the recovery stim (heals you and companion) within the first 10 minutes.. so I let go of the slicing angst. I'll shoot for purples closer to endgame as it's both too expensive and a timesink to bother blue/purple each level of schematic.

Looking forward to implants once I get high enough to craft them at least.

Still, if I ever find the ninja looters.. I will track them down till they make the mistake of walking in a warzone

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