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What is your vidya style on your first playthrough of a game?

What is your vidya style on your first playthrough of a game?

Do you poke around and try to find everything?

Do you power through it so you can be finished before everyone else?

Do you try to figure the game out, what triggers what?

Do you role play it, become the character?

Do you just play it to relax and take a moment to forget real life?

Asking because I just finished 10 days and 10 hours play time in TOR. Not sure I have ever spent that much time playing one character in one playthrough. Also donít know if I ever had that much fun playing something that completely goes against my normal first playthrough playing style. I usually just concentrate on getting the main story line done. Too impatient to set back and enjoy the ride, so I power through. Not to finish before others, but to see what happens. Deal with the details in the 2nd and/or 3rd playthrough.
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