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Horribly, Dreadfully, Painfully slow and extensive.
It's why my Skyrim game, I'm still on the "first" character (that I didn't ragequit) for well over 300+ hours now

It's why I'm still on the 2nd planet for both my ToR characters... and why every time I start Fallout 3.. I know it's going to be well over 70+ hours

It's probably why I enjoy sandbox games moreso than FPS as I'm far too curious (slow) to be effective in that genre. Gawdz forbid I started a MW or CoD game. I'd be too busy exploring the emtpy buildings (and getting sniped/headshotted 40x) rather than shooting someone.

In all honesty.. I seriously doubt I could pull off enjoying a game any faster than Mass Effect or Fallout (tame in comparison to all the other FPS-ish combatwise games out there).

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