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The path Per’dra was taking was unfamiliar to Vakarr which meant he had to rely on her to guide them to wherever they were heading. He was already depending on the speed boost of hers, now he had to trust her sense of direction. While she seemed to know where she was going, he still didn’t like the concept of trusting a human. He’d have to suck up his pride though and just do it. He wouldn’t have made it this far without her, even if he didn’t want to admit it.

He could see a few ferries in the distance and couldn’t help but smile a little. The bard had pulled through for him after-all. He was ready for Per’dra to slow down this time and wouldn’t have to awkwardly stop. He slowly got on the boat after the others did.

He turned to see the human who had caused some chaos at the bar currently on the floor. He too seemed tired being forced to run in armor. What surprised Vakarr the most though was the woman he had carried. He had managed to run this entire way with the bard’s friend. Had he done this simply because it was a good deed? Vakarr looked to Per’dra, then back to the human male. Perhaps there was another reason, perhaps to gain the bard’s favor. The two seemed somewhat close in age from what he could tell, so it made sense to him. Thinking of the bard made him remember he somewhat owed her for getting him here.

“Here,” Vakarr said handing the ferryman a small sack of coin. “This should cover the small group of us and a few more,” he added.

Despite what the ferryman said, he was certain he’d want pay once they were safe. Who didn’t want money in this world? He considered himself somewhat even now with Per’dra, but not quite. She had safely brought Emi aboard this ship.

Vakarr looked to Emi for a few seconds. He reached his hand out slowly and gently patted her arm. He wasn’t sure why he had done so, but felt a bit of a need to. Perhaps it was to indicate that he had made it, or some sort of joy that she had made it. He was careful on which arm to pat before doing so. When she offered him a hand she hesitated with one arm and instead offered him the other. He chose the arm she offered him over the one she hesitated with earlier.

With that Vakarr stepped away from the others. He made his way to the edge of the ferry and looked down at the water below. Slowly he removed the helmet that covered his face and held it at his side. He needed the fresh air as all that running had made him somewhat tired. His reflection now looked back to him. It was someone who was supposed to be half elf…and half human.

His skin was gray, but everything else was human. His ears weren’t pointy, and his facial features were much more human. He could actually be considered somewhat handsome if someone were to look at him. He hated the way he looked though…how human he was. The very reminder that he was half of them made him angry. He didn’t want any of the others to see how he looked. He let out a sigh and ran his hand through his black hair. It felt somewhat good, and was helping him relax. He continued to watch his reflection, unaware if anyone else was looking at him or not.
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