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Imperial Agent for Dummies

Alright I have decided my second “mostly” solo character will be an Imperial Agent. I like the similarities in playing styles to the smuggler. So far I also really like the voice actor too.

My questions are:
For those that have fiddled with the Imperial Agent…

Sniper or Operative?

Then the next question is which tree?

I’m looking for something (listed in order of importance)
1. Fun
2. Easier than a solo healer
3. Not completely insane to attempt Heroic 2 with.
4. I liked the up-close and personal fighting style with my smuggler. Dirty Kicks and stuff like that.

I’m leaning towards Operative and since I’ve already done the healer thing, thinking about the Concealment tree. Although Lethality looks like fun too, but I am open to suggestions. Just don’t wait until I’m level 40 before giving them.

Last question is I remember running all over Ord Mantell why does Nal Hutta have taxi service to merely cross the street? Is the Empire just too lazy to walk?

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