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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
I'm not sure if there is a distinct colour difference between purple and magenta crystals in the game, but you can get a magenta crystal without doing any Flashpoints/Operations or PVP. Does require several level 50s though. You go to Tatooine and harvest moisture from a vapourator. You'll see you get a buff that refers to pure water. Then travel to Hoth and climb up the highest point. The water will freeze, changing the buff to something like pure ice. Then you go to Ilum and go to a specific point (can't remember where off the top of my head - will have to look it up). The ice summons a spirit/ghost champion, which drops the magenta crystal as loot.
Yes, I know that trick but the problem is, it drops the crafting material to make the actuel crystal, then to the Belsavis world boss, and the boss should drop a schematic for ARTIFACE to make the crystal, and i have synthweaving, as artiface is pretty much useless for me. Im on the server, Sedyn Kyne,as it is a light server, no lag.

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