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Originally Posted by GUNNER View Post
Anyways. I'm all up for the new 3D SW. I remember going in April of 99 when it opened. We took my son to the 4AM showing. He was 3 weeks old..
Me too. I was a senior in high school at the time, and I was so excited for a new Star Wars movie. And the hype was absolutely ridiculous. A bunch of my friends and I saw it on opening day. It wasn't...the best, but I was so excited I didn't even really notice that at the time. Even today, I consider Phantom Menace the best of the prequels, actually. I have such good memories of the lead-up to the movie and seeing it for the first time. I saw it again later with my girlfriend, and again with my family. In a way it was like...the end of my childhood. Shortly thereafter I left for college. By the time Attack of the Clones came out I was over my head in engineering studies, I had practically no social life, and life was just a whole lot less pleasant.

There were some good games to come out from that movie too, like Battle for Naboo and Racer. And of course, XWA came out right before then as well. Those were truly some great gaming days.

And then...this forum was at its strongest point
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