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Kyara's expression brightened up much more by just seeing her old Master come inside the room and take a seat next to Velox(?). She had a wide smile on her face, almost resisting the urge to hurry over to Morbus and embrace him.

"Master! This is definitely great!", she said and pouted a little at his jesting. "I can't help if people treat me like royalty". She stuck her tongue out playfully, she then looked at the commander.

"If Master Morbus is joining us on whatever we have to do, you can count me in right now".

She knew her genuine happiness for rejoining Velox and Morbus was not the usual way for Sith to behave but screw it, the way that Morbus had trained them was different, special and much more honorable and familiar that the norm. Not to mention that a bond between them had been formed, much like family, a unity that most sith could not relate to, but in this, they were stronger than the others.

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