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"Come now Vel, playing footsie is no way to attract girls! I thought I taught you that when you were a teenager!"

Every muscle in Velox’s body seemed to tense at once. He was lucky he had his mask on still, or else they would have seen his cheeks redden a little. He looked to see his old Master, and he was already embarrassing him. He looked to Kyara for a few seconds before quickly looking away. He was being playful, he wasn’t doing what Morbus said…no he was being playful and that was his story.

“Quiet Old Man,” was the response Velox gave him.

Despite his rather bitter response, Velox was indeed glad to see Morbus. He may not be giving this vibe on the outside, but he was on the inside…even if he wouldn’t admit it. It really was like some type of a reunion for the three of them. He soon found himself chuckling as he glanced back at Kyara.

“Still kissing up to Morby I see,” Velox teased.
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