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Battlecruiser Shavoel

"I hope you are not deliberately wasting my time Commander",

“Well I’m here now, this little meeting can officially get started now,”

The Captain cleared his throat as the last of the sith who had been summoned took a seat. "I thank you all for coming. The reason you have all been summoned is because we find the Empire facing a new threat...a threat that not even the dark council has been able to locate."

A screen on the wall turned on as the commander hit a button on his desk. A long list of numbers and ship names rolled down the screen. This was followed shortly after by a list of names and the organizations that they belonged to.

"Over the past few months, We've been losing ships at a rate that quite frankly astounds us. We've sent agents and spies out to try to locate the source of these disapperances but our agents have vanished without a trace as well. Finally, we sent a battlegroup out to escort one of our ships. None of them returned but we did recieve a brief message from one of our ships before it was lost.

A man with a face filled with utter terror filled the screen. "We can't stop them! Nothing stops the-!" Explosions filled the bridge behind him and the screen went dark.

The screen was filled with the symbol of the empire and the commander cleared his throat again. "That was the last transmission we recieved. Since then we have lost nearly twenty ships and nine more agents. You are have been summoned because you are among the elite. Well, that and a smaller force will most likely attract less attention."

The commander motioned Zassos and the bounty hunter stood up and saluted the sith. "Zassos is one of the best bounty hunters in the empire and we believe that with his help you'll be able to locate this threat. He has many contacts throughout the galaxy and we feel that one of them may have the information we need to locate a lead."

Zassos got up and the screen lit up. "Based on the area of attacks I felt that I should ask a few of my contacts near illum. I'm still waiting for a reply but most of my contacts are reliable and we should get a response shortly. Any questions?"


“I am Lai S’Dalan, Knight of the Jedi Order”.

"Kale Merro, Galactic Republic soldier, at your service."

"Varik Athzaria, Jedi Knight, and former swordsman of the Brotherhood of Swordmasters."

The republic commander saluted the three and smiled. "I'm glad to see you all. You have all been selected to participate on this mission if you wish to because of one simple fact: You all have commendations on your records because of exceptional bravery, outstanding service to the republic and because you were all recommended to me by your superiors."

The commander pointed to a screen that showed a list of ship names. "This is just a small part of the list that I've recieved from high command. "We've lost nearly thirty ships in the past few months due to unknown ships. We've sent out commando squads but so far we haven't recieved any word from any of them. So far we don't have any information on what has been attacking our forces. Due to the attacks we've been forced to abandon a few of our trade routes."

"Recently though, we've recieved word from a smuggler who claims to have information about the attacks, he is charging us a small fortune for the information but he did give us one small bit of information for free: The Empire is also losing ships at nearly the same rate we are."

The commander hit a button and a picture of a man appeared on the screen. "This is Nirel, the smuggler who contacted us. He is currently located on a space station near Illum. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to make contact with him and retrieve the information. If he tries to skip out you are authorized to take him in for questioning. Are there any questions?"
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