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((Going to control Faa'sk, since Tael is comatose/asleep/knocked out))

City of Paryer

Faa'sk Haek walked through the front gates of the great city of Paryer. Behind him, was a battalion of Purge soldiers - intent to burn the city to the ground. The Gold District lay right before them, and Faa'sk started the chaos by sending all his men to slaughter everyone.

"Let them be purged!", shouted Faa'sk, "Those too infatuated with their riches don't deserve to have the privilege of life!".

The district became a slaughterhouse, with them setting homes and buildings ablaze. It caused huge columns of fire to rise into the sky, high enough for all of Paryer to see. He broke off from the main group, killing a noble along the way. Noticing a large mansion, he reached his hand out toward it. Concentrating heavily, the building combusted - setting ablaze both the family inside, and the surrounding yard.

He fell toward the ground on one knee. Using magic such as that required great focus, and it took much from the user. A group of guards saw him in his weakened state.

"There's the Purge rodent!", the guard captain cried. They grasped their swords and charged towards him. He gripped his sword, and stood up. He sliced at the abdomen of the guard captain, cutting him in two. A guard wielding a trident tried flanking him from behind, but he spun and parried, thrusting his blade into the man's chest. Another guard tried a series of jabs and erratic movements, but Faa'sk simply did a horizontal strike toward the guard's throat. One of the last guards ran toward him with a spear, while the other attacked him from afar with a crossbow. He threw his hand out at the rapidly advancing guard, freezing him in place. He dropped his sword, picked up the frozen guard, and threw it at the other guard. The guard had little time to run, and it would give him a concussion if it collided. As it did, a chunk of ice broke off when it hit him. It lodged into his lungs, and he passed out - dying soon thereafter.

As he marched forward, he caught a glimpse of a ferry going down the river. Not bothering to chase after it, he went forward, advancing towards Drunkard's Haven.

The funniest thing about this sentence is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's too late to stop reading it.

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