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Sometimes its just nice to see things like that.
I know personally I strive for quality skins because I myself use them and I am usually a customer of my own work
PS the armor skins can be separated from the robes without too much trouble.

If you're talking about the movie robes, I kinda agree though that did not stop me from making skins for the model, I just would personally prefer... I dunno, more distinct variety with the robe and armor content is the goal and whatever ends up working best for the longest, ya know?

This has got me thinking about more mods. What if I had the default master robes, like as included, and then the tunics are like the Dantooine Jedi NPCs from KotOR 1? And like just equalize the variations between the two models... what do you guys think? A new robes mod, and maybe also a little further refining of the armors just for my own critical eye.

example of the robes I was talking about:

I will also attempt to do more Nihilus content adding.

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