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I assumed you had Catalyst because you have an ATI card but now it seems you're using a generic driver from MS. For proper performance generally, I recommend you install ATI drivers. Who knows, it may even solve your graphics problem.
About unrecognized language... I'm very glad you told me because I've had almost no feedback and that little that I have was positive. Not that you want this information but GrimInstaller's language detection is based on VOX0000.LAB crc, I really didn't expect variations of that file within the same language. I'd be grateful if you could tell me the CRC32 value of your file (GRIMDATA\VOX0000.LAB), you can calculate it e.g. with HashMyFiles.
Anyway, I have uploaded the launcher separately and also the patched files (v1.01 + core affinity) - get it from here and unpack the stuff to your game folder. If you get the 'files missing' error from the launcher, it means you installed the game with the original installer - in that case you'll have to copy the files manually from CDs or use Bgbennyboy's installer or launcher. Sorry if all this is complicated, it comes with the game and it's the reason why I created GrimInstaller/GrimLauncher, it was supposed to be the few-clicks-and-no-geekiness-required solution, I hope I can fix it (send me that crc). I'm going to bed...
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