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Cant leave ebonhawk except on korriban

I have complete all the quests on others planets except onderon crysis and korriban.After i escape from Kor academy(Sion) and finish the test in that cave.I broad EH,and receive a message that needs me go to dxun asap.And when i land on JungleLanding(DXUN) and try to disembark from EH,the game crash to main menu.And can not click the buttons with my mouse or keyboard,i have to alt+f4 exit the game.

when i try to land on another planets , leave the EH,and i got stuck at the loading screen,the loading bar indicates its saving ,but stuck at about 1/4.

The warp cheat does the same result as well.

Most strange is i am able to leave EH on Korriban.Any one knows what is going on?

ps:my game is pirate,because i cant find legitimate copy on sale in China.not even second hand,and steam does not has TSL..
if anyone willing to test to see if my saves are broken i'll gladly email it to you.

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