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Originally Posted by MrObiWan View Post
I guess.........

Not forcing you, but I think you should do a bouny hunter because smuggler and imp agent are two similar classes, so when you get your abilities, you will get bored real quick........Just as I did on my juggernaut, moves are similar to Jedi knight.
This is my solo character, I'm also playing a trooper at the same time with Lynk's smuggler, so bounty hunter may be a little too similar to the trooper.

A lot of the reason I went with the Agent is because I wanted the similar abilities to the smuggler. It was either that or play as another smuggler, but everyone thought that was a bad idea and I wanted to get a character up to speed in the Meatbags. So far (level 11) I am very happy with my choice. I pretty much have done everything on Hutta, even the heroic 2s and have yet to die.

The first Agent companion is so much better than the first smuggler companion.
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