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Thought this might be of interest to people wondering what skills to take with which class. This is a list of the bonus critical chances for particular crew skills available to each class based on their companions. The list only has the actual skill bonuses, not the companion names to avoid spoilers. I also spoilered the list for those that don't even want to see that much.

All classes additionally also get various efficiency bonuses for various skills from companions, but I haven't included these. I believe the sole function of this is to reduce the time taken crafting or on missions, but there's no real tangible benefit to that when you get the same result by raising a companion's affection. I had thought that efficiency may additionally increase yield from harvesting nodes and the like, but I've never seen any real tangible evidence of that first hand.

Show spoiler

I'm not 100% sure on the accuracy of all the values, as I harvested them from a couple of different sites and they may possibly be out of date. I haven't been able to verify all of them in-game myself, so if anyone sees an error feel free to correct me.
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