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Per'dra gazed at Oleg apprehensively. "If the Dwarves won't even let us into Borthar'nal," she said, "that's a moot point. Do you think they've even heard of the Purge if they voluntarily separate themselves from the rest of Sazhen'? Moreover, what's so 'vile' and 'wicked' about the Dwarven people that the Purge would seek to eradicate them?" The ferryman shrugged and shook his head. As for the Bard, she sighed: "Maybe there is no reason, except that the leaders of the Purge are lunatics. No one can fathom their logic."

"Excuse me, friend," said Meara, putting a hand on Per'dra's arm, "but how in the world did I get from the Drunkard's Haven" She glanced uneasily at her fellow passengers on the raft. "I distinctly remember being quite startled by something--so startled that I fainted! You didn't carry me all the way from the tavern onto this ferry by yourself, did ye?"

Per'dra gave a snort and slapped her hand over her mouth. "Definitely not! I lack the strength, if not the stamina..." She trailed off. "I believe that the unfortunately unconscious man in the middle of the raft did so." Tael? Is that his name? I think I remember meeting him at the tavern...
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