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"None from me. I only hope we are contacted soon, for I am concerned as to the nature of all of this information,"

The commander was about to respond when his comn-device went off. The screen was flashing red signaling that the incoming message was important.

"Excuse me for a moment my lords." He said quietly as he moved away and listended to the message. When he turned back around after listening to the message his face was ashen. "I...It appears that there was just an assassination outside the imperial citadel. Two high ranking members of the dark council are dead and a third is in critical condition."

The commander brought his fist down on his desk hard enough that a small crack formed. He turned to Zassos and then to the other sith. "You will be traveling with Zassos aboard his ship as soon as his contact reaches us. It is a heavily modified D5-Mantis with plenty of space aboard for all of you."

The commander then turned to look at a new arrival who had just entered the room. "I assume that you have been informed about the mission?" He asked cautiously. He wasn't really sure who this new sith was but it was possible that a member of the dark council had assigned one of their apprentices to the mission without him knowing.
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