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Last guys. Heh, every baddie needs lieutenants.

NAME: Athaso Yahaz
  • Purge pseudonym: Feredir ~ Hunter
AGE: 523
APPEARANCE: Dark brown hooded robes.
WEAPONS: Small, handheld crossbow (AC: Brotherhood crossbow). Stiletto. An assortment of elements in vials, such as: red phosphorus (flammable/explosive), beryllium (poison), liquid mercury (toxic), sulfuric acid (corrosive), and hypochlorite (oxide).
ARMOR: Light sheets of armor both above and below the robes.
STRENGTHS: Master of stealth, killing, and combat.
WEAKNESSES: The word 'weakness' does not appear in the Purge dictionary.
BACKSTORY: Athaso Yahaz is, arguably, one of the most ruthless and effective assassins in the Purge. He carries a wide assortment of harmful materials in vials, most of which he dabs small amounts in on the tips of his bows. His actions have given him the attention of Fa'ask Haek, Poteryannyĭ's apparent second-in-command. Seeing his potential, Fa'ask took Athaso under his wing, eventually becoming Fa'ask's Lieutenant.

NAME: Uradus Therayn
  • Purge pseudonym: Suiauthon ~ War-like
AGE: 486
CLASS/COMBAT ROLE: Shock Trooper/Heavy
APPEARANCE: Black armored robes.
WEAPONS: Large chained meat hook.
ARMOR: Sheets of armor over black robes.
STRENGTHS: Master of combat and torture.
WEAKNESSES: The word 'weakness' does not appear in the Purge dictionary.
BACKSTORY: Only one word could describe Uradus Therayn: ruthless. He is barbaric, even by Purge standards. He carries an over sized chained meat hook, which he uses to tear enemies apart on the battlefield. Failing that, it is a cruel interrogation tool - reflecting the personality of its user.. Fa'aak Haek made Uradus his second lieutenant, alongside Athaso Yahaz.

The funniest thing about this sentence is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's too late to stop reading it.

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