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Originally posted by Skinkie
I taped all the episodes back when they were on FOX and if you want I could type up the titles of all the episodes and you can figure out what's missing
Well I'll make it a little easier on you, I've got the following episodes on tape:

The Thing That Wouldnt Stop It

The Second Show Ever

The Tell Tale Tail

Big Trouble At Earths Core

That Darn Gater

Little Big Foot

Max's Big Day

The Dysfunction Of The Gods

We Drop At Dawn

Bad Day On The Moon

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Aaiieee, Robot

The Uglians From Outer Space

The Invaders

They Came From Down There

The Trouble With Gary

So I'm looking for the ones that didnt get released on tape, should be 6 from what I've heard, giving me their names might help. But also, I have to ask, even though I dont like bootleging stuff, if you have any means to make me a copy on VHS of the Sam & Max episodes I dont have, I would be more than happy to pay for the cost of tapes and shipping, and I could make the payment to you via or any other way. email me at if you think you can help.

Also if you have a capture card, digital versions of the episodes would be cool too. E-mail me and lemme know.


*Shmargin doesnt like piracy of Sam & Max, but its the only way, THE ONLY WAY I SAY!
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