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HAd a great time saturday. My wife had a get together with the UW-Platville alumni at the Milwaukee Brewing company. It was us and her dad who joined the $7 tour that included:

A pint glass
A beer token for a free beer at a nearby bar (more later)
Free beer samples
and a tour

THe tour consisted of them showing us where there grain hopper was, and how they made wort.

Then enjoy some beer samples

The tour then showed us where the wort was made and hops added

Enjoyed some more beer samples

Then the tour showed us where the beer fermented

And some more beer samples.. including some wort

My wife got wasted rather quickly, and we headed down six blocks to a bar that was recommended by a local. The Bomb shelter which is now my favorite bar in Milwaukee. They had over 300 beers available. and I will have to make a trip back.

We drunked dialed my dad a few times to tell him how good of a time we were having.

The ride home was an adventure. We had to stop my wife's dad from driving since he was just heading south until he reached something familiar. And then when we got home we ordered some pizza before we all went to sleep.

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