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TOR ate my KotOR
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I've found the practice sporadic on the republic side. Some do it but it isn’t that prevalent. On the empire side, it seems to be worse to me. Just on Dromund Kaas and already I’ve been snaked at least ten times for plant scans for bioanalysis. I’ve seen them standing there just out of range of the creature; I wait to see if they are going to attack. No movement, so I go to kill the creature. As soon as I attack they run up and scan the plant. I even had one try to scan the creature that I had just killed. Thankfully I don’t think the game allows that. I’m pretty sure they are doing this on purpose as they usually do not have a companion at the time. Most likely the companion is off doing Biochem leaving them to collect.

I’m wondering if it is the mind set on the Empire side. I don’t get nearly the amount of buffs that I received on the Republic side. Have yet to be healed on the empire side (not that this character has really needed it like my Republic character did). What I have seen is people seem more willing to step into a fight on a Empire side of things. If I am fighting an Elite or a Champion someone almost always lends a hand (something that annoys me even more than them snaking my nodes). That didn't happen very often on the Republic side except for when I was getting my butt handed to me.

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