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Originally Posted by Kuai-Donn Jorn View Post
Very cool. I'm on Nar Shaddaa at the moment and it's definately more interesting looking. It just sucks we can't control the textures better if you know what I mean. Like what gets a texture and what dosen't if they are using the same names.
Yea i just work around it best i can

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
Xarwarz, could you post your new skins for the Ebon Hawk in your original post?
Actually i didnt redo the eben hawk to 2011 version is available at the above link

Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
Cannot wait to try Dxun and Onderon!

Malachor and Korriban I'm a little unsure about.

Korriban is actually fine, just the colors are throwing me off a little. It could be fine though.

Malachor, I'm used to the marble walkway and while the interior reskin is technically nice, it still seems weird (maybe cuz I'm too used to the old version).
Yea i put focus on exteriors in this are deceiving at times. thats why i tell people to try first...Yes i know some textures take a minute to get used too but at least its easy on the eyes eh

Originally Posted by newbiemodder View Post
looks great Xar..kinda diggin how Malachor looks...unsure about Onderon..but we'll see...nice job.
Thanks..onderon was a hard one like nar shadaa there so many shared textures on these levels its like a puzzle but i did what i could i think it came out nice
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