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Oh, gets even better. Apparently psycho-sexual obsessive. Makes you wonder what, if anything the woman ever saw in this creep. I'm surprised he kept it together long enough to marry her in the first place.

I guess he couldn't have his own sons talking about the incident in question or the night it happened. One kid was beginning to talk about it.

Apparently that isn't all the cops found before he blew himself and his children up. He liked children, as in "like" liked, or so evidence was beginning to suggest. (NO pedobear jokes PLEASE.) I wonder if eliminating the wife was in order to preempt this secret getting out. The timing of this incident is suspect with the other discoveries. So it makes me suspicious that the wife knew something back then and he had to silence her.

Way to go, guy. Were you thinking this would shut all the other people up too? Actions speak LOUDER than words; your actions say guilty as accused (since charges hadn't been filed). Guess what? Your secret is out, and it's people like you who give eugenicists the perfect argument for turning humans into guinea pigs and technocrats reason to try to implement technology to help preemptively enforce zero-tolerance laws. It takes one sicko to get all the other sickos going.

This kind of makes horror movies look like comedy in contrast, that would be if this incident wasn't so damn bad. My God this is messesd up.
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