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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
What I have seen is people seem more willing to step into a fight on a Empire side of things. If I am fighting an Elite or a Champion someone almost always lends a hand (something that annoys me even more than them snaking my nodes).
Wouldn't know why that would annoy you, to be honest. I tend to stay out of a fight unless players are in trouble, but when I do help, people usually stand around and wait for me to tackle the same boss I helped them with and then help me out. People randomly helping me defeat an elite or champion is rather nice for me. I much less want them to interfere when I'm tackling multiple enemies, as they tend to get the experience for one of them at least.

On a different note: There seems to be some problem with companion conversations. At least I have noticed that sometimes my companion has this icon saying (s)he wants to talk in private, but when in the cantina or the ship, no conversation can be initiated. Anyone encountered something similar?

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