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((Sorry for the late reply, been really busy with RL issues.))

Coruscant Briefing Room

"Our ships, as well as the Sith's, are being attacked? Are the Hutts, or the Exchange involved?"

The commander shook his head. "We don't believe so. As far as we can tell from our sources on Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa the hutts are aware of our losses but are trying to steer clear of whatever is attacking our ships. As for the Exchange...we're pretty sure that they are not involved either. We have many spies in the exchange and not one of them has sent us any messages informing us of attacks."

The commander's holocom device went off and he quickly answered it in full view of the group. "Senator Gevelo." He said in suprise. "This is an unexpected pleasure."

"Commander Relo. There has been an assassination at the senate chambers. Senator Balveros has been killed. The senate building is on lockdown until we find the killer but he may have already escaped."

Relo's eyes widened in shock as the holocommunicator turned off. "Excuse me, but I must attend to matters here. You will be traveling with Vlalkor aboard his ship. I suggest you leave as soon as possible."

Rela walked out of the room and headed for the senate building as quickly as he could.
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