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My tiredness has to do with my severe sleep apnea. I if i turned off the alarm I would normally sleep for 10 hours. Hopefully I am going to finally get a sleep ap machine this month. As my wife put it, I am a fixer upper.

For the last 15 years I have had little or no health insurance. Even if I was sick I had no means to pay the deductible, or co-pay, so i just didn't go. Now that I am on my wife's insurance things are changing.

Allergy testing revealed I was allergic to dust, mold and severely to tree pollen. Got flonaise subscription and some eye drops
Getting hearing aids next week since i cannot hear the high frequencies and it is making my social life difficult
Getting a mole removed from my face by a plastic surgeon next week
Sleep ap machine next week
and the dreaded dentist where i might need to get a root canal among other things.

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